Hi, my name is Terisa Brenna and I co-create impactful brands with my clients. I am a multidisciplinary, award-winning designer with 15+ years of experience who specializes in brand and marketing design.

design philosophy.

A brand is a soul. It is more than just a logo, colors, typography, photography, and all other visual elements. A brand is deeper than the visual elements it is comprised of. It has its own consciousness, archetype, voice, persona, and identity.

When it comes to building brands, I take the opportunity to dive deep into the essence (ethos) to define the identity serves to connect with its audience (pathos) and think in terms of systems (logos).

My sweet spot is where strategy meets aesthetic.

From high-level brand strategy down to the last detail of exactly how much kerning to apply to body copy, I nerd out on brand guides with a passion to empower teams with flawless execution for years to come.

I serve as a guide coaching brands from inception to growth, leveraging my background working in agencies, inhouse, and large international corporations in leadership roles such as a Brand Manager, Art Director, and Senior Designer.

When I’m not in the branding seat, I presently run my own space-themed lifestyle apparel brand, Star Seed and traveling the world on Remote Year.

“Terisa understood the SmileDirectClub brand on an intimate level I hadn’t seen from any of our contractors before. More than that, she understood our customers and connected with the “why” behind our brand’s mission. Her creative and collaborative skills make her a joy to work with and was a beloved, highly valued team member.”
Joshua Hernandez, Executive Creative Director

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